Tuchola Pinewoods

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What an amazing holiday we’ve had in the Tuchola Forest!

‘The area was formed during the last glacial age and is covered with low hills and more than 900 post-glacial lakes. With 3,200 km² of dense spruce and pine forest, the area is one of the biggest forests in Poland and Central Europe’.

With the temperature ranging from 18°C at night to 28°C at day, warm lake, millions of pine trees and the smell of forest covered with wild mushrooms, it was definitely the closest that Ollie has ever been to wilderness, which he LOVED! He never stopped smiling, enjoyed swimming and running naked, that little nudist was hard to pull away from the lake. He left as a new man.

What about us? Eat, drink, walk, photograph, cycle, kayak, paddleboard, sleep, repeat 🙂

Beautiful surroundings, great company and food from heaven. See you next year, for sure!

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